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The mission of our centre is to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to the whole patients. We believe in providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using natural methods that are chemical-free and allow them to take responsibility for their health.

Ayurveda, literally translated as the “science of life,” is the ancient Indian art of physical, mental, and emotional healing. Based on harmonizing the natural elements within and around us, Ayurveda is a time-tested system of holistic health that is highly specific to each unique individual. Treatments include, medicinal herbs, panchakarma treatments, yoga, meditation, and other simple lifestyle changes that work to restore your body to its innate, healthy balance.

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Dr. Jasna Jamal Shaju

Medical Director
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When you are feeling out of sorts, have a health problem or just want to optimize your health, a personal Doctor consultation will help. Our Doctor is able to assess your prakruthi (body –type) and your overall health status and give advice on the optimal diet, daily routine, herbal supplements and Ayurvedic treatments to help restore health and bring you back to healthy harmonious life.

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If the hectic pace of modern living and digital distractions is leaving you feeling depleted each morning, you might benefit from following a Daily Ayurvedic Routine, or Dinacharya.
Nature moves in cycles (day to night, winter through spring), and all the animals and plants follow suit with their own daily and seasonal routines. As humans, living in a fast-paced world, we can grow just a little out of touch with our circadian rhythms. But it’s easy to get back on track. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your day; a few gradual changes can go a long way. By following some of these simple morning routine recommendations, you’ll feel more grounded, energetic, and balanced throughout the day. You might even become a morning person!

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Best ayurvedic doctor in dubai, sharjah

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Best ayurveda doctor in dubai, sharjah

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Best ayurveda center in dubai, sharjah

Best ayurvedic clinic in dubai, sharjah

Best ayurveda clinic in Dubai, sharjah

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Best ayurveda hospital in dubai, sharjah
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