How to cure Metabolic Syndrome Through Ayurveda
Posted on June 10, 2021

Metabolic Syndrome(MS) is a collective group of risk factors that increase the chances of developing heart diabetes, disease, and stroke. It includes high blood sugar, high blood pressure, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Formerly known as syndrome X and insulin resistance syndrome, MS is a slowly unravelling bomb in today’s unhealthy lifestyle. There has been a heightened awareness of MS and a subsequent increase in clinical attention in promoting prevention because of increasing premature morbidity and mortality. These risk factors expose individuals to a greater risk for developing cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes. According to Ayurveda, the initial condition of MS can be compared with Medavaha Srotodusti Laxana. The fully developed metabolic syndrome without complications can be compared with Apathyanimittaja Prameha and the complicated stage can be compared with Updrava of Avaran. Ayurved cure for metabolic syndrome depends on its various stages and Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai can help you to diagnose the symptom accurately.

Ayurveda mainly focuses on the conservation of health rather than disease eradication and firmly believes that MS is caused primarily due to overnutrition and defective tissue metabolism. Incorrect dietary habits and abnormal functions of different sets of Agni (Metabolic fire) give rise to the formation of Ama (reactive antigenic factor). The concept of Santarpanjanya Vikaras of Ayurveda has been the focus of western medicine in MS treatment for the last few decades.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

Samshodhana and Samshamana therapy are the important therapeutic measures described in Ayurveda for the management of various diseases. Samshodhana is an eliminative therapy that deals with the root cause of the disease. Samshamana on the other hand is a Palliative therapy and includes procedures like Mridu Virecana (light purgation), Shodhana Vasti (medicated enema), and Ruksha Udvartana (gentle rubbing of the skin with dry substances) which are usually effective in cases of Metabolic Syndrome. Vamana (induced vomiting) therapy has to be handled with caution and under expert guidance.

The below-described guidelines may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of Metabolic Syndrome. These Ayurvedic treatments in Dubai are highly effective and safe.


Nidana Parivarjana -

Nidana Parivarjana translates to ”To avoid the risk factors”. It is considered the main therapy in the management of various diseases as described in Ayurveda. An excess intake of carbohydrates and fat leads to abnormal visceral adiposity, which initiates a cytokines-mediated pro-inflammatory process and causes the excess formation of Free Fatty Acids. This occupies the insulin receptors and in turn, leads to Insulin resistance and other defective metabolism results. Patients with metabolic syndrome should strictly avoid oily and fatty foods, alcohol intake, overeating and Sedentary lifestyles since it only aggravates the situation.

Yoga and Asana -

Yoga therapy in Ayurveda is known to bring the balance created in the endocrine and nervous system which directly influences all systems and organs of the body. Yoga is considered a form of exercise by many. It is not a mere exercise, but techniques that elevate the physical body to improve concentration, awareness, relaxation, and meditation. The major Yogasans are Dhanurasana, Matsyasana, Halasana, Yogamudrasana, Utkatasana, Vajrasana, Siddha yoniasana, Makarasana, Padasana, Pavanamuktasana, Padotthanasana and shavasana. Daily practice of yoga leads to a better metabolism, healthy lungs, relief from joint pains and so many other body ailments that lead to a more fruitful life. Ayurvedic treatment centers in Dubai offers excellent tips and suggestions to include Yoga in your daily routine.

Meditative Exercise -

Pranayama such as Anuloma-Viloma, Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, and Trataka is helpful to check the mental stressors. But these should be done as per the advice of the physicians for patients having cardiac function anomalies.

Agni Promoting drugs -

Ayurvedic medications such as Chitrakadi Vati, Trikatu Churna,and Pippali Churna, etc are Drugs that correct metabolic processes. They are used in traditional remedy for treating indigestion, constipation, flatulence and stomach pain

Ojas Promoting drugs -

Ayurvedic medications such as Guduci, Amalaki, Haridra, and Silajatu etc are immunity-enhancing medications that increase the effectiveness of protective white blood cells which fight infection.

Compound formulations –

Compound preparations such as Triphaladi Guggulu, Puskarabramhi Guggulu, Punarnavadi Guggulu, Medohara Guggulu, Nisamlaki Churna, Amritadi Guggulu and Sapragandha Ghanavati are found to be helpful for metabolic syndrome.

Herbs –

Metabolic syndrome natural treatment uses single-component herbs like Puukaramula, Guggulu, Kustha, Meshshringi, Vrikshamla, Rasona,  Sunthi, Haridra, Arjuna, Guduchi and Amla, that have high medicinal value in Ayurveda. 


A healthy lifestyle has to be adopted to treat metabolic syndrome. The patient should do regular exercise and only eat easily digestible light food. The body is fragile sometimes and these irregularities are its cry for help. A temporary solution is not promoted in Ayurveda, but a path to a fruitful, long, and healthy lifestyle. Since these symptoms may return if the patient reverts to old unhealthy habits.

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