Posted on January 25, 2019

The main cause of increased body weight is the imbalance between a number of calories consumed and burnt. Unhealthy eating habits, eating disorders, high intake of calorie-rich food, physical inactivity, family history, smoking, too much sitting, or illnesses increase your risk of becoming obese.

Ayurvedic treatment for Weight Loss offered at our Clinic is a combination of Ayurveda therapies, lifestyle changes, and some special herbal medications. It is a natural treatment that does not involve any surgery or strict diet plans. Our weight management therapy is one of the most common reasons why people visit us at the clinic.

We recommend a four-fold approach for obesity, weight control, and weight loss: –

1. Detoxifying Techniques
2. Medications
3. Diet (has content on this been written?)
4. Lifestyle Modifications

• Detoxification through Udvartanam: It is a unique whole-body therapy that uses herbal powder. The herbal paste is spread in a synchronized way to give a whole-body with special attention to areas of increased fat deposits. During the treatment, the herbal powders used are dry in nature so as to create a mixture hot in potency. It helps in removing fat blockages and stiffness and thus, each stroke results in scrapping and liquefaction of excess Kapha (Fats). This herbal paste rub on the body stimulates fat metabolism and facilitates easy transportation of excess fat to the central eliminatory channels. Post the therapy, you are given a steam bath where you lose a lot of excess water in the body by sweating. The result is a reduced cellulite/ subcutaneous fat tissue.