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This treatments are often translated as rejuvenation therapy and its goal is to promote cellular repair and revitalization through carefully applied step-by-step deep cleansing procedures. During a course of the treatment different methods of cleansing may be used, depending on your constitution (Body-type) and your health conditions. It is the job of the Doctor to adjust and tailor the cleansing programme to suit your particular health needs at any point in time.

Unlike the Western medical approach of targeting treatment at particular diseases, the Best Kerala Ayurvedic Centre In Dubai focus to create such a state of balance and health that disease finds no place to thrive in your body. Whether you attend a 3-day, 5-day, 7-day or longer Panchakarma programme, the result will be cellular repair and rejuvenation. The revitalization of cells, tissues and organs systems helps stimulate the self-repair mechanisms already present in your body and it is the creation of better health that reverses disease states.

Before the ‘bin-men’ come down your road, you gather together waste materials in your home and put it in a bin for them to take. The main purpose of the preparation phase is to ensure that the unwanted waste material in your body is gathered together, ready for disposal.

The first phase of each treatment is to soften your body tissues and cells through the use of oils. This helps release toxins that have accumulated in both your cells walls and within the internal structure of the cells.

Most cleansing programmes primarily aim at removing water-soluble toxins accumulated in your body. These types of toxins are relatively easy to deal with and drinking hot water can be a great help when you need this type of cleansing. Oil-soluble toxins are harder to eliminate and they are often found deeply lodged within your tissues, where they contribute to the disease process. This is why ghee and medicated oils are extensively used in Ayurveda as they help dissolve and remove fat-soluble toxins.

After the initial days of oil treatment, followed by a hot bath, draws out further oil-soluble toxins. The heat from the bath dilates all the elimination channels throughout your body and help transport the released toxins into your gastrointestinal tract.

The last part of the home treatment phase consists of a laxative day. During this day, it is essential to follow a specific diet to slowly rekindle your digestion and to get your strength back. It is also essential to be near a toilet!

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When the cleansing process is over, you usually feel wonderfully clear, calm and relaxed. You often experience a level of wellbeing you have rarely ever experienced. It, post-Panchakarma is also a delicate stage, as your body has been working very hard on the detox process.

At this sensitive post14cleansing stage, it is important to take it easy and not to rush things. Carefully follow the post-treatment instructions you will be given. These guidelines will help you to rebuild your resources, so that your mind and body will not only come back to normal but will become sharper, more effective and healthier.

Usually you continue to feel better and better long after the end and this gives you encouragement to stick to a good diet and routine in order to maintain this new-found state of wellbeing.

Now your body is like a white screen that is able to reflect any image projected on it in the most effective way. Your cellular metabolism has improved, your tissues are strong and healthy and your energy flows more freely leading to improved cellular communication. Your body is now more able to naturally absorb the information contained in any herbal supplement and fully allow its biochemical components to have their maximum effect.

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