Ayurvedic tips for effective sleep
Posted on October 25, 2019

According to Ayurveda, the vitiation of the three doshas either taken together or separately may result in insomnia. All factors, that are able for the aggravation of Vata and pitta, along with environmental and dietary factors play an important role in sleep disturbances. A high Vata type of insomnia is caused by Vaata irregularity or mental stress. People, who toss and turn, unable to fall asleep because their mind is spinning, have this disorder. It results in anxiety, worry, and rushed action during the day. Whereas in pitta irregularity there is intermittent awakening. You may fall asleep quickly but wake up regularly with palpitation, body pains, and emotional disturbances such as fear, anger, and sadness. Another pattern is that you wake up before dawn and find it hard to go back to sleep.
There are certain health principles and ways that you should follow for increasing the quality of sleep, getting rid of stress, and boosting your body’s immune system. They are as follows:
Maintain a disciplined sleep schedule- You should be very disciplined about your sleep. Try to sleep early which gives you the time to sleep throughout the night. Wake up early the next morning. Here are some Ayurvedic tips for effective sleep

Mindful eating- It is recommended for you to have your dinner early between 6.30 to 7 pm. The digestive fire begins cooling down after the sunsets. You can change your digestion by eating light, early meals. This is helpful for your sleep quality. While eating, you should avoid doing other actions such as reading books, watching television, or including yourself in conversations.

Oil therapy- Oil therapy is a primary part of Ayurvedic treatment for stress and sleep disorder. Oil therapy on your feet is essential for improved sleep. There are nerve ends in your feet, which are nourished because of oil. Therapy helps in stress relief, makes you feel relaxed, and increases your blood circulation. As a result of all these, your sleep gets drastically improved. You can choose from several herbal oils for massage.

Pranayama- Pranayama is considered to be very important for improving sleep disorders and stress. Many rounds of alternate nostril breathing or “Nadi shodhana pranayama” should be offered regularly. This is effective for the mind and calms down your nervous system. You are bound to get deeper, and longer sleep of high quality.

Practice self-compassion- Your wellness and health depend considerably on a balance among your mind, body, and soul. You need to keep away from negative vibes and constantly try to be present in an actual situation. You should be mindful of who you talk to right before going to sleep. Ideally, you should turn off your mobile, computer, television, and social media activities, two hours before going to sleep.

Regular exercise- Regular exercise is very important for you to stay strong and fit physically, which in turn helps you to keep a healthy state of mind. This is vital for developing sleep disorders and eliminating stress. Keep away from all types of energizers during the evening so that your sleep is not affected.

Follow these Ayurvedic tips for effective sleep and visit Dr. Jasna Ayurvedic clinic website to know effective  Ayurveda treatments.