Eliminating toxins through Vasti treatment Dubai!

The body's automatic purification system brings the toxins that have been loosened and mobilised down into the lower intestines and colon. This is the best time for vasti treatment to be applied so that those toxins don't hang around and become reabsorbed.

In western medical practice, enemas are mostly used to help in cases of chronic constipation and are especially useful when a patient has to spend a lot of time in bed. But in Ayurveda, they are used to fully expel toxins that have gathered within the colon as a result of Abhangya and Swedana treatments

Each Vasti you are given has two actions. One is to aid in the elimination of toxic waste. The other is to balance and strengthen the colon and intestines.

From the Ayurvedic point of view, many of the enema treatments that exist in the west, including colonic irrigation, can weaken the colon and create imbalances. Ayurveda sees it as important that Vastis are not just eliminative, but also help revitalise, rejuvenate and strengthen the colon, as a weak and unhealthy colon can have a debilitating and ageing effect on the rest of the body.

After Vasti treatment it is time to rest and allow your body to regain its strength and balance.

All kinds of rheumatic (vata) disorders would have eliminated with the proper use of vasti. Kashaya Vasti, Uttaravasti, Snehavasti, Siro vasti etc. Are known as the main vastis. In Panchakarma, the vasti plays a key role and it ensures the result and relaxes Vata disorders. Pancha Karma is an effective Ayurveda arena where Vasti applications are common.

Vasti treatment in Pancha Karma is developed for removing toxin from the body and to stop vitiated doshas. The medicinal substances and oil are Vasti products. It has tremendous power to manage and eliminate vata disorders. Sesame oil, calamus oil and a few alternative seasoning decoctions are using for vasti. In a liquid medium, the said items are applied to the rectum. Vasti is a traditional ayurvedic treatment in Dubai that ensures relax especially in Vata disorders.

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