Eye Care

Some special Ayurvedic therapies can even help you with Eye Care and treat your eye problems.

We normally don’t spend too much time taking care of our eyes, despite it being one of the most used organs of our body. The constant use of electronics, pollution, chemicals, and various other factors can degrade the health of our eyes. However, with the correct precautions and care, you will be able to keep your eyes healthy and improve your vision. Ayurveda offers numerous therapies for proper Eye Care. If you are someone who is affected by dry eyes, Netra Tarpanam is the best treatment for you. In this Ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes, various oils and herbal pastes are used to soothe your eyes and improve your vision.

This dry eye Ayurvedic treatment is additionally good for those who constantly use a computer. Depending on your dosha and needs, your practitioner may also use lukewarm ghee instead of oils. If you are someone who is suffering from cataracts or other eye infections, this treatment is not recommended, but other Eye Care treatment is available in Dubai. 

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