Ayurvedic treatment for Computer vision Syndrome
Posted on November 23, 2019

The eye is the most important organ in the five senses. Eyes protect you from danger, to gain knowledge and to rejoice. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics of eye care. Computer Vision Syndrome is a disease that seizes most people who use computers regularly, if you are a professional or a student use computers for more than several hours a day. Many people have to quit their job because of this disease. Therefore, it is important to make sure that computer use does not affect health. This blog gives information regarding Ayurvedic treatment for Computer vision Syndrome.

  1.  The main symptoms of computer vision symptoms are:
  2. Headache or heaviness of the head.
  3. Sleeplessness.
  4. Eye Strain: Feeling of irritation and tiredness of the eyes.
  5. Dry eyes.
  6. Burning sensation in the eyes.
  7. General tiredness and not awakening fresh in the morning.
  8. Drowsiness during work.
  9. Focusing difficulties
  10. Aching eyes
  11. Double vision & Blurring vision
  12. Light sensitivity
  13. Neck and Shoulder pain


These symptoms may be caused by:

  1. poor lighting
  2. glare on a digital screen
  3. improper viewing distances
  4. poor seating posture
  5. uncorrected vision problems
  6. a combination of these factors

If you are experiencing one or more of the above-said complaints, you are or might be a victim of CVS. You need to take care of your eyes before your eyes give way. There is first aid that is massage for ten to fifteen minutes until your hands are slightly warm. Keep it up to the eye. Not directly touching the eye. Instead, hold the outside of the eye slowly. This is for a relaxation only.

Don’t worry… Ayurvedic treatment for Computer vision Syndrome can help you retrieve your eye health and shine. There are Ayurvedic centers in Dubai that help to strengthen your eyes and also make them capable of supporting the day to day stress. In Ayurvedic Treatment, every part of the eye is scientifically described and 96 types of eye diseases and their treatments are explained. Here are some treatments in Ayurvedic for CVS. We can focus on vanishing computer eye syndrome via effectual Netra Tarpana in the Ayurvedic Center in Dubai. This is designed to remove the root cause and comfort your eyes as well as improve your vision. As related to modern science, Ayurveda has much to offer and with the Ayurvedic eye care treatment the received benefits are endless. Some Ayurvedic eye care treatments in Ayurvedic center Dubai are:

  1. Netra Tarpana.
  2. Netra Dhara.
  3. Aschottana.
  4. Vidalaka.
  5. Netra Sanjeevini.
  6. Nasya/Shiro virechana.
  7. Shiro dhara/Shiro Abhyangam and/or Shiro pichu.
  8. Netrya taladharana.
  9. Virechana.
  10. Pada Abhyanga.
  11. Netrya gandhoosha.

Your Eyes are important. So take care of it and choose treatment which does not have side effects.