Heal Heel Pain Faster with Ayurveda
Posted on July 08, 2021

Ever experienced excruciating pain in the heel which disables you from standing up, let alone take a few steps? The throbbing pain in heels comes and goes at odd times making it difficult to do physical activities. Usually, they are caused by using ill-fitting shoes and do not account for anything, but if you are unlucky then it may be the cause of something deeper. In any case, ignoring such heel pains is not recommended. There are many home remedies available to mitigate the pain. We will be discussing how to heal heel pain faster with Ayurveda.


Heel Pain Management in Ayurveda

There are many Heel pain Ayurveda treatments available focusing on natural remedies and herbal treatments in Dubai to treat heel pain. Before we learn about the cure, let us understand the causes of heel pain.


Causes of Heel Pain:

Below mentioned are a few of the common causes that trigger heel pain:

  • Wearing ill-fitted shoes regularly. Whether it is the difference in the size of the shoe or high-heeled shoes that do not suit your heel arch.

  • Excessive jogging especially on hard surfaces

  • Walking abnormally by stressing the heel bone

  • Sudden trauma to the foot and heel like jumping up from the bed to a flat surface

  • Diabetic related issues

  • Obesity-related issues


Types of Heel Pain: 

  • Plantar fasciitis: A strong bowstring-like ligament that runs from the calcaneum (heel bone) to the tip of the foot is called the plantar fascia is. Its soft tissue fibres become inflamed when it is stretched too far which usually happens where it attaches to the heel bone. Sometimes it affects the middle of the foot or under the foot, especially after resting for long periods.

  • Achilles tendinitis: It is a chronic condition associated with the progressive degeneration of the Achilles tendon which is the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone.

  • Heel spur: Calcium deposits under the heel bone can strain the plantar fascia leading to excruciating pain.

  • Heel bursitis: A fibrous sac full of fluid at the back of the heel is known as the bursa. It gets inflamed as a result of jumping & awkwardly landing hard on the heels or from pressure from footwear. Pain may be felt at the back of the heel or deep inside the heel. The pain usually gets worse with time.

  • Heel bumps: The heel bone in teenagers may not yet fully mature, and it rubs excessively, resulting in the abnormal formation of the bone. It is mostly caused by having a flat foot. Wearing high heels before the bone is fully mature can also lead to heel bumps.

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome: A type of compression neuropathy that can occur either in the ankle or foot when a large nerve in the back of the foot becomes compressed. Foot pain Ayurveda treatment can help with providing much-needed relief.

  • Chronic inflammation of the heel pad: Usually caused either when the heel pad becomes too thin. Heavy footsteps are also a leading cause.

  • Stress fracture: This is linked to strenuous exercise, repetitive stress like sports, or heavy manual work. Professional runners are prone to such ailments in the metatarsal bones of the foot. Osteoporosis can also lead to stress fracture.

  • Severs disease: Repetitive microtrauma of the growth plates of the heel bone in child athletes(7-15 years of age), caused by overuse can lead to Severs disease. 


Home Remedies for Heel Pain: 

  • Epsom salt bath

  • Massage with essential oils

  • Immerse your feet in warm water to alleviate the pain, do oil massage daily

  • Apple cider vinegar: After adding a few drops of apple cider, soak your feet in a tub of warm water 

  • Use an Ice pack over the inflamed area

  • Baking soda applied as a paste on the heel will help in regulating the PH level as well.

  • Flaxseed oil: Wrap the towel immersed in flaxseed oil around your heel and place a heating pad over it. 

  • Avoid inflammatory foods

  • Use comfortable and correct sized soft footwear

  • Keep the feet warm using socks at night time

  • Avoid walking barefoot on cold surfaces


Ayurvedic treatment  for heel pain 

Improper placement of the foot on the ground or by walking over an irregular surface can lead to painful heels. This is termed Vatakantaka(vata - vata dosha & kantaka - thorns) in Ayurveda.  

  • Dhara: Use of warm oil (including Ghee, Herbs, milk and Dhanyamlam) on heels to provide relief. Also helps with headaches and tension.

  • Kolakulathadi Choorna: It is a special Ayurvedic paste applied externally for the relief of heel spur and other inflammations. Applying Kolakulathadi Chooran with water in form of a paste over the affected heels and letting it dry for over 4 hours can help bring the heel pain under control. 

  • Agni Karma: a unique para surgical procedure in ayurvedic practice where a specific degree of heat is administered to the heel with a  specialized instrument. The pain gets relieved and avoids a recurrence.

  • Nitya Virechana: Mild purgation done with castor oil can help to remove excess toxins that cause overall discomfort. Consult the Ayurvedic Centre In Dubai to know more.

  • Ayurvedic Herbs: Therapeutic herbs are used in Ayurveda to relieve inflammation in heels without any side effects. The common concoction are Gugguluthikthaka Kashayam, Gugguluthikthaka Gritham, Yogaraja Guggulu, Kaishora Guggulu, and Kanchanara Guggulu

Since there are many different causes for heel pain, it is advisable to consult with an expert before assuming any treatments. Dr Jasnas Ayurveda Clinic is the Best Kerala Ayurvedic Centre In Dubai with BAMS doctors having more than a decade of experience.