Knee Pain: Reasons and Remedies.
Posted on December 01, 2020

Life gets lost to move forward when there is constant knee pain. All essential exercises walking, sitting, standing, etc are performed with the knee joints. Also, we should aware of Knee Pain Reasons and Remedies. Knee joint pain regularly occur because of the following reasons


  • Obesity
  • Powerless muscle strength
  • Faulty or wrong exercises
  • Age issues
  • Inflammation
  • Injury, etc


The signs of joint pain incorporate serious suffering, swelling, weakness, deficiency, solidness, etc also fever, and Stress is also shown in several cases. Now let’s discuss the Ayurveda approaches to knee joints

Ayurveda separates the joint issues into two –

  • Degenerative (Vata aggravation)
  • Inflammatory (Ama accumulation)



The 1st kind is identified with the under-fed bones, low bone thickness, and so on the joints start to degenerate since it does not have the sustenance it needs. It begins with discomfort, breaking, and results in immobilization of joints. The second kind of joint issue is brought about by the deposits of poisonous substances in the body. Ama – is the collected fat or side-effect that is caused by incomplete digestion. This poisonous tacky substance deposits in joints and causes solidness which thusly gets painful and swollen.


Ayurvedic treatment for degenerative bones adopts an all-encompassing strategy. A regular diet habit with nutritious food contents, proper exercises, natural or herbal remedies is recommended to strengthen the bones from the inside. When Vyana Vata is aggravated, the capability to consume nutrition & flow gradually decreases which directly affects the drying of Shleshaka Kapha which is the reason for lubrication in joints. The remedies to balance Vata are:


  • Eat Vata placating nourishments – a greater amount of sweet, pungent, and sharp nourishments, less of astringent, and pungent foods
  • Right & regular time to bed and wake up.
  • Trying not to heavy movement activities around evening time
  • Soft exercises
  • Better to have the main meal at the noon
  • Practice meditations as a better way to get relief from stress nature

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