5 Reasons to Try Panchakarma Treatment in Dubai
Posted on March 03, 2023

Holistic healing and cathartic effect are the main aspects of ayurveda treatments. Rather than focusing on the symptoms they provide ailment for the deep cause of the problem so that they do not appear again. Ayurvedic treatments provide a good lifestyle along with a wide range of medications for all types of ailments. It is believed that in Ayurveda, any problem is occurred due to the imbalance in doshas that is present in the body. Balancing the doshas restores the immunity that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s discuss 5 Reasons to Try Panchakarma Treatment in Dubai. If you are seeking an ayurvedic clinic Dubai to give solutions for your health concerns, we are always here!   

Importance of Panchakarma

It is a bio-cleansing procedure that cleanses the body tissues deeply. Panchakarma treatment can bring a cathartic effect to the mind as well as help in the removal of disease-causing factors and maintain an equilibrium of the mind, soul, and body. 

Types of Panchakarma 


Kapha dosha-dominated people go through this process that involves internal and external fomentation treatments that continue for specific days until the toxins in your body are liquefied and brought together in the upper layers. Thereafter, you are given an emetic medicine to induce vomiting, which leads to the cleansing of the toxins from the body. 


People with Pitta dosha are advised to take this treatment where the patients have to ingest medicines as per Snehapana for certain days. This treatment is to do with the excretion process wherein the removal of toxins happens through the bowels.  


Basti is recommended for people with Vata dosha. This process involves the administration of medicated elements like herbal decoctions, milk, oils, and ghee. Injecting herbal decoctions into the rectum aids in the rapid absorption and elimination of toxins from the colon. 


This mainly helps in balancing hormones. You are prepared for this therapy with a massage and then fomentation in the head and shoulder parts. Thereafter, nasal drops are given that clear up the head area and results in relief of health issues like headaches, hair problems, and migraine. This process will detoxify the upper respiratory tract. It actually plays a very important role in balancing Kapha, Pitta, and Vata doshas in the body.  


This therapy is all about clearing impurities from blood to avoid various diseases like herpes, tumors, skin disorders, ulcers, foul odors, and more. Rakthamoksham can be practiced on certain parts of the body, or the entire body itself. It works certainly well in the treatment of skin diseases like eczema and pigmentation.  

Benefits of Panchakarma

Panchakarma therapy plays an important role in maintaining the well-being of the body, mind, and soul. Panchakarma therapy is the Best ayurvedic treatment in Dubai that can energize your mind and body. Following are the 5 Reasons to Try Panchakarma Treatment in Dubai. 

Detoxification and Rejuvenation of Mind and Body

Since the process focuses on the cleansing of the body and mind at various levels. It removes toxins and increases digestive fire. It restores the natural healing abilities of the body which leads to better functioning of the body.   

Balance Doshas Present in the Body

Better functioning of the body is where all three doshas are balanced- Vata, Pita, and Kapha. Panchakarma therapy plays a vital role in fine-tuning this balance, therefore, preventing problems from occurring as per the increase in at least one of the doshas at bay. 

Enhance Sleeping Schedules and Eating Habits

Panchakarma therapy defines a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It includes the intake of a balanced diet, sleeping on time, practicing meditation and yoga, and changing wrong food habits. Applying the same into our daily life is an amazing way of treating the body the right way.

Remove Effects of Stress

In this fast-paced life, stress accumulates faster and has a bad impact on the health of the body. During this therapy, people have to stay away from social media and technology. Thus it ensures clearing blocked channels to access the natural flow of energy in the body and mind by removing stress and promoting health. 

Helps in Losing Weight

One of the effective ways to lose weight is to go through natural panchakarma therapy. The accumulated toxins prevent the body from removing the dead cells that aid in the gaining of body weight. So removal of toxins through Panchakarma therapy can restore the natural ability of the body to maintain the ideal weight. 

To reiterate, Panchakarma therapy is one of Ayurveda’s gifts to humans. Ayurvedic treatments focus on treating the cause rather than treating the symptoms. In this fast-paced life, people are inviting many kinds of issues that lead to the imbalance of doshas. If you are in search of long-term relief from many health issues, we provide Panchakarma treatment in Dubai to cleanse your body to rejuvenate the body tissues from within. 

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