Ayurvedic Treatment For Arthritis, Does It Work?
Posted on October 29, 2021

Arthritis is a prolonged condition that causes inflammation of the joints whose symptoms usually are pain and/or stiffness of the elbows and kneed. Usually, arthritis is a condition experienced by people who are 50+. Classified into two: degenerative and infective, both are conditions that are not very easy to handle. Degeneration happens throughout our bodies as we grow older. But it can be surely be slowed down with changes to one’s lifestyle. One of the major factors that eventually lead to degenerative arthritis is constant trauma on the joints due to excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle lacking proper exercise. Due to obesity, weight-bearing joints like the hips, knees, and ankles get affected faster and degenerate faster. Another reason for accelerated arthritis is injury and improper handling of the joint. Arthritis treatment in Ayurveda approaches bodily ailments in a holistic manner and is often unconventional. So the question of Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis: does it work? Would naturally come to one’s mind.

Arthritis And Ayurvedic Approach To Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is of the degenerative category and is accompanied by joint disorder without inflammation of both the bones and cartilage of the particular joint. It may occur to people of any age but is most prevalent in overweight elderly adults with larger joints like shoulder, knee, hip etc. In acute cases, patients suffering from this disorder experience a crackling sound while the joint moves. Occasionally the joint may get filled with fluid. One of the most significant symptoms is the pain while climbing down the stairs.

As per Ayurveda, the main approach to Osteoarthritis will be to arrest the progress of the degenerative condition. Dryness may be experienced due to degeneration and rubbing of the bones. The treatment may vary from 14 to 21 days depending upon the severity and response to our procedures. Along with improving the condition of the joint, also see that the muscles around the affected joint are also strengthened to promote the joints to start repairing themselves. 

Remedies to cure Arthritis :

Many people wonder ”Is Ayurvedic Treatment Effective For Arthritis?”

Ayurvedic method – Ama and Vata imbalance is the main reason. Hence a long term remedy for arthritis includes some in-depth treatment methods to reduce Vata and digest Ama. The digestion would slowly improve over time and reduce the production of Ama. This is a steady, slow, and gradual method that involves a series of proven Ayurvedic treatments.
Fasting is highly essential to boost the digestion of Ama and could either be complete or be partial. Light exercises would help to complement the daily Ayurvedic treatments and the intensity of exercises would vary from one person to another, depending on their limits.
Another step to help enhance the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic anti-arthritis treatments is the liberal intake of fruit juices that are rich in Vitamin C which is highly essential to reduce skeletal pain.
A highly effective herb to cure arthritis is the Guggal(Commiphorawightii) which can be taken in 1 to 3 grams doses, with warm water, right after meals twice a day. But those with kidney diseases or allergies make sure to note that Guggal is not recommended for them.

Anti-inflammatory foods for Arthritis patients :

Fish such as mackerel, salmon, and tuna – Including these fishes in your diet, is good for the healing of Arthritis, as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
Ginger: Including ginger in daily food intake can alleviate the symptoms of various rheumatic, neurological, and musculoskeletal illnesses. In order to boost digestion, and thus reduce the formation of Ama, have around 5 grams of fresh ginger thrice a day

Turmeric- Curcumin which is a primary compound in turmeric, has strong anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to avoid morning stiffness and joint swellings, along with boosting the walking capacity of arthritis patients. According to experts, about 2 weeks of curcumin supplementation can guarantee comparatively better results.

Garlic- Used widely in several Ayurvedic medicines, garlic help relieve the symptoms of arthritis remarkably. Garlic is highly effective to help prostaglandins control inflammation and associated pain.

Other anti-arthritis foods: Raw juice of bitter gourd or potato have anti-arthritis properties. Celery and green stalk of rhubarb can also help decrease arthritis-related illnesses. 

How Does Dr Jasnas Clinic Help You?

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