How Does Ayurveda Help To Treat Seasonal Allergies?
Posted on April 28, 2022
How Does Ayurveda Help To Treat Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies can be brutal and living with allergies are very hard. Allergies are your body’s response to the substances that your immune system identifies as harmful. As we age our immune system becomes weaker, which in turn leads to the weakening of the body. Most grown-ups who have had seasonal allergies later in life had a previous episode of allergic situation that they may not remember. So how does Ayurveda help to treat seasonal allergies? Let’s dig into the Ayurvedic treatment for seasonal allergies, root causes, and prevention.

Can Ayurveda Cure Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies also called hay fever or allergic rhinitis have become a very common disorder due to the increased pollution or the stressful lifestyle that we lead, or the faulty diet habits that we cultivate. Seasonal allergies are sensitive to allergens, which causes sneezing, itchy eye, difficulty in breathing, and even asthma. It severely affects many which may be very difficult to cope with.

Allergy treatment with Ayurveda focuses on strengthening the immune system, rather than eradicating the allergens which are there in our environment, which is merely impossible. Ayurveda focuses on strengthening the immune system via first regularizing digestion and metabolism. Proper digestion is very important for having a good immune system.

Causes of Seasonal Allergies

During spring, grass grows, flowers bloom, and trees grow new leaves. But if you get allergies, this may probably be a disaster. Step outside and within minutes you are sneezing and congested. Your nose starts running, your eyes get swollen and watery, and your throat starts itchy. If you have such symptoms then it's seasonal allergy time.
So what’s behind this onslaught of mucus? It’s your immune system. Seasonal allergies are a hypersensitive immune response to something that’s not harmful. Pollen from trees, grass, and mold spores from tiny fungi find their way that leads to your mucous membranes. Your body attacks these invaders the same way it would the infectious bacteria. 

The immune system has a memory. When an incoming substance gets tagged as threatening, WBC produces customized antibodies that will recognize the offender the next time around. But why do some get allergies and others don’t? 
Allergies can also be gifted from families, so genetics may be one cause too. Pollen is a common substance that causes allergy as we encounter more with it. But there is a long list of substances like dust, insect venom, animal dander, and certain foods that can send your immune system into overdrive. Some of these reactions can be deadly.
An allergy can be grown into full-blown anaphylaxis, which brings severe swelling, shortness of breath, and very low blood pressure. The body can even have an allergic reaction to itself causing autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, lupus, and type 1 diabetes.


Ayurvedic Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

At times, it is have observed that many patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis have many disorders that are related to the gut or digestion. 

  • Medicines like Chyawanprash or Ashwagandha or Guduchi are used to strengthen the immune system. Depending on the age and symptoms of the patient, unique plans or treatment plans are devised by each patient. 
  • Ayurveda medicines are given for seasonal allergies in the form of tablets, powders, and liquids. 
  • Depending on the comfort levels of patients, many ayurvedic treatments for seasonal allergies are available.
  • Management of stress by practicing yoga helps in long-term relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitis, and allergic respiratory disorders. 
  • Ayurvedic treatment for seasonal allergies starts for 3 months. However, depending on the response or the severity of the symptoms experienced by the patient treatment may last up to 6 months or a year.
  • Butterbur for hay fever and migraines, Guduchi for fever, cough, weakness, detoxification, Nettle is effective for allergic rhinitis, Eyebright for irritated itchy eyes, Horseradish for clear stuffy nose and lung problems. These are some medicines used as remedies for seasonal allergies.

Following a Dosha(Kapha, Pitta, Vata) pacifying diet helps in reducing allergies. 

  • If you have Kapha related allergy then follow Kapha pacified diet
  • if you have pitta related allergy then follow a pitta pacified diet
  • if you have Vata related allergy then follow Vata pacified diet

5 Ways to Prevent Seasonal Allergies 


  • Limit your time spent outdoors.
  • Wash hair before going to bed. When you are outdoor there are possibilities of pollen getting stuck in your hair, to prevent pollen get inside your body this prevention method is suggested.
  • Drink green tea and have onions, peppers, berries, parsley, pineapple, honey, herbals, etc, and avoid tomatoes, dairy, sugar, and alcohol during allergy season.
  • Wear a glass and mask(N95 is highly recommended) when you are out. It will protect you from dust, pollen, etc. 
  • Start taking allergy medicines early.

Seasonal allergies are disorders that have to be taken care of from the root.  Consult Dr. Jasna for allergy treatment and beat the seasonal allergy with Ayurveda Experience a drastic change in yourself and get an allergy-free life by visiting Dr. Jasna’s Ayurvedic Clinic in Dubai.

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