How Thyroid Disorder Affects Women
Posted on June 16, 2022

How Thyroid Disorder Affects Women 

As we all know, the Thyroid gland is an important gland that regulates the metabolism, growth, and development of the human body. Any medical condition that keeps the thyroid gland from producing the right amount of hormones that affects the regular functioning of the body, the condition results in thyroid disease. Issues with the thyroid gland arise when it produces too much or too little of these hormones and some other issues resulting in hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Thyroiditis, goiter, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer.
Women are more prone to thyroid diseases than men. One in eight women may develop thyroid issues resulting in irregularity with the menstrual cycle, infertility, and other health issues during the pregnancy period.
Screening for thyroid disease is done if you have a history of thyroid issues, radiotherapy, goiter, anemia, or type 1 diabetes. Ayurveda recommends Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism Treatment that can control the effects of thyroid imbalance through strict diet and therapies.

Why Women Are More Prone to Thyroid Problems?

Thyroid disease can affect anyone regardless of age. But, women are at higher risk of developing thyroid issues, which may affect them in various ways and can be managed with the right Ayurveda treatment. According to Ayurveda, Thyroid Disorders in Women can be managed by controlling all the toxin imbalances in your body affecting the thyroid gland and thus helps to correct the circulation of thyroxine hormone in the body.
Autoimmune disorders are more common in women than men which is the main cause of thyroid disorders. Also, there are great chances of arising thyroid disorders in women during and after menopause, the time when hormonal imbalance occurs.
Hypothyroidism in Women is a prevalent medical condition as the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. This common endocrine disorder causes fatigue, weight gain, alteration in cognition, infertility, and menstrual abnormalities in women. Hypothyroidism is a long-term health concern and it should be managed with Ayurveda therapies on a regular schedule.

Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism Treatment treats the underlying root cause of the condition that helps to restore imbalanced hormones without any side effects. Ayurvedic herbal medications relieve depression, stress, and anxiety and improve pleasant feelings in the mind. This supports cognitive wellness of the body, maintaining thyroid levels in the normal range.

Udwartana, an Ayurvedic practice is done to detoxify the body with herbal powders and is an effective way to address hypothyroidism issues. Abhyanga and panchakarma are also well renowned for detox in Ayurveda medicine to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. These Ayurveda therapies expel spoiled Kapha doshas and toxins from the body and are considered an effective treatment method to address thyroid signs.

Adopting an Ayurveda diet with good lifestyle choices has a positive impact on improving the signs of thyroid issues. Practice consuming fresh, wholesome food rich in fiber, and veggies. Eat food at regular time intervals and ensure we omit fast food, junk food, and processed meat. Consume iodine-rich food to maintain thyroid function by regulating the metabolism of your body. Ashwagandha, pippali, guggulu, punarnava, triphala, and varana are effective herbs that should be added to the diet to rectify the issues with thyroid disease.

The Effects of Thyroid disorder and How it Affects Women 

An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can do a lot with the reproductive system of a woman. Thyroid disorders in young girls predisposed or postponed the onset of puberty and irregular production of thyroid hormones makes your menstruation lighter or heavier or makes your cycle irregular. Also, thyroid issues may develop infertility concerns and are at higher risk of developing ovarian cysts. Thyroid disease may develop serious complications during pregnancy including severe morning sickness, increased risk of premature labor, miscarriage, and other serious health issues. The abnormal production of thyroid hormones can increase the chances of early menopause. Some may delay the right treatment at the initial stages of thyroid disorder as they confuse the signs with menopause.

High production of thyroid hormone causes bone deterioration resulting in osteoporosis which is a dominant health problem faced by women. If thyroid disorder is lefts untreated, it may affect one's emotional and mental health well-being of a person resulting in depression, fatigue, weight gain, reduced sexual desire, and low concentrative power.

Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

Thyroid hormones are usually necessary for the normal development of the fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy. Fetal development including the brain and nervous system depends upon the sufficient thyroid hormones produced by the mother. Later, the fetus develops a thyroid gland of its own and continues its function. However, the irregular production of thyroid hormone continues to cause weight loss, or persistent vomiting during pregnancy.

Thyroid disorder is a serious issue when left untreated. The condition may lead to premature birth, shooting up blood pressure, miscarriage, low birth weight, and other serious health problems. Hence, if you have a history of thyroid disorder, address the issue with the doctor before and during your pregnancy.

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