Nutrition Disorders and Ayurveda
Posted on July 22, 2020

People nowadays are too busy with their own kinds of stuff running around their dreams and achievements. Yes Ofcourse its the nature of earth, we do so, but whether you are aware of your health, body, nutritions? Presently in the market, we can get enough nutrition products but any idea about which nutrition is low for you? Any idea about Nutrition Disorders and Ayurveda? You will get a good view of Nutrition Disorders and Ayurveda in this blog, so stay with me, let’s start our blog.


Ayurveda’s awareness of nutrition isn’t as natural and not at all familiar to people as Ayurveda’s medicines and treatments. Ayurveda has both a rich history and significant insight with regards to the study of nourishment and the impacts of a regular eating diet and their association among wellbeing and life span or sickness and disease. The Ayurvedic point of view of nutriment is basically about balance. The focal point of Ayurvedic nutriment is less about calorie utilization and more about eating properly and maintaining balanced energy levels. Each food item carries unique nutrition for our body. Proper analysis and utilization of nature can keep us safe from many diseases, illnesses, and a lot more.


The main nutritional disorders are classified as

  • insufficient absorption of proper nutrients (qualitative dietary deficiency)
  • insufficient intake of proper foods (quantitative dietary deficiency)
  • overeating (quantitative and qualitative overnutrition)
  • Toxic food items
  • Inappropriate foods that disturb Doshic making


Insufficient absorption of proper nutrients is caused by several reasons which all lead to a single point that “not consuming the required amount of foods for the body”. It may be due to tension, workloads, busy life, etc. But all you need to know is this kind of Quantitative dietary deficiencies leads to fasting, starvation, anorexia, malnourishment, etc. This will badly affect the health of people mainly youngsters


Insufficient intake of proper foods means even though you are eating as your requirement lack of proper nutrition in the foods leads to these situations. This is mainly seen in the case of youngsters who consume packet foods. This type of issue mainly seems in developed countries such that they prefer to eat fast foods and processed foods for easiness. Prefer better homemade or quality food items that may be tasteless for your lips but tasteful for your health.


Overeating, I don’t think so this needs explanation because a minimum of one in ten will be suffering from overweight. Overeating leads to high calories but not for high nutrition. Take all you need but not for your comfort but for your health. It’s what makes you fit. This situation is too serious that the end results will be stuck with heart diseases, high cholesterol ratings. diabetes and many more. Still, the human race up to a point is not at all aware of this problem.


Toxic foods, In the present world situation farming, growing is so progressed that it should feed the entire population of countries. But what we forgot is how does such a massive production takes place within no time? Here we are, in day to day life do you have any idea how much toxic have entered your body through several food items you consumed?. Using of pesticides and other chemicals to make the production faster, hybrid, disease-resistant, etc makes the human race in illness. So prefer organic certified foods, start a habit of growing at least some of food items like vegetables, fruits, whatever you like. If every individual belives in nature and start to spend a part of their time in growing what they need, I am sure that this will be a profit than billing in hospitals for illness.


Same as talked before intake of week foods will lead to instability of your doshas which further results in an imbalance of your body. Certainly, this may fall to situations like psoriasis, arthritis, etc. So it’s not too late to regain your strength, your health. Ayurveda has its own natural remedies practiced and followed by humans for 5000 years. Dr. Jasna ayurvedic clinic Dubai is always ready to help you. This article tells about the Nutrition Disorders and Ayurveda. Contact them through their website and start healing your weakness without any side effects through the natural Ayurveda remedies.