Posted on October 21, 2020

Obesity is a common metabolic disorder and also one of the earliest documented illnesses & diseases. In simple terms, obesity can be described as the expanded quantity of adipose tissue in the thighs, abdomen, and chest, where the body vitality reduces and might end in deteriorated health.

From an Ayurveda point of view, like any other disease, obesity starts with poor nutrition development of unhealthy or weak eating habits and lifestyle leading to problems with digestive issues, which in turn raises Ama (bio-toxis). The rise of the Ama disrupts the body’s processes to form more fatty tissue (Meda Dhatu Agni) and prevents the formation of moving tissues such as ashti (bones). The poorly constructed layers of tissue increase the unwanted meda dhatu (fat) and disrupt Kapha’s functions. On the other hand, when Ama blocks the ducts of all body tissues, this creates inequality in Vata. Vata is constantly stimulating the central digestive tract (jatharagni), which causes an increase in appetite to increase appetite. However, thanks to Meda Dhavagni Mandya (weak body metabolism), Meda Dhatu is improper or abnormal, which is the main cause of obesity. Now let’s go through some causes of obesity.


  • From an Ayurveda point of view, a major cause is the wrong way of life and food choices or habits. When the body’s calorie intake exceeds the number of calories burned, it leads to the depletion of calories in the form of a body’s fat.


  • The absence of physical activity leads to more calories deposit in your body. Only proper exercises and maintaining health can lead to a successful lifestyle, thus reducing the excess fat deposits


  • Daytime sleep is one another reason for obesity because day time sleep reduces the physical activities of your body and keeps your body at rest than required. This produces excess fat deposits.


  • High consumption of food – mainly Kapha-increasing foods, e.g. fatty foods, or foods that take longer to digest such as pork, and sweet, salty, or oily foods are straight reasons for situations like obesity. I will list some sorts of lifestyles that you need to change.


  1. consumption of more processed or fast food
  2. drinking alcohol beyond a limit
  3. eating out a lot
  4. drinking too many sugary drinks
  5. comfort eating


  • Genetics
  • Medical reasons

These are some of the issues that lead to obesity. If any of the above-listed lifestyles is yours, it’s time to change it, because precaution is better than cure. For more information and solution please contact Dr.Jasna Ayurveda clinic.