The procedure of Elakizhi Ayurvedic treatment
Posted on September 14, 2019

Elakizhi is one of the major treatments using herbal leaves. It is highly effective in ailments affecting bones, nerves and joint systems. In this blog, we can discuss the procedure of  Elakizhi Ayurvedic treatment.
According to Kerala ayurveda treatment, three doshas govern the body. Vata Dosha, Pitta dosha, Kapha Dosha. Some different herbs and requirements make sure these doshas are aligned. The doshas govern your prana. In the case of the Elakizhi, the herbs that are utilized are Vata pacifying herbs. These herbs that got for the Elakizhi must be fresh and washed thoroughly.
In most cases, it is the leaves of the tamarind that is handled The giant flower blooming plant, with herbal qualities, is used for Elakizhi.
The leaves that are received are cut up and mixed with grated coconut with a pinch of lemon and honey. Then mix it with rock salt and fix the situation. The mixture is then cooked with oils. The oil is prepared according to the kind of therapy the patient wants. In most cases, it is sesame oil that is used. These leaves are then separated into four parts and packed in a cloth bag in the form of bundles. These bundles are then stored on the pan containing the oil, the ingredients are then fried.
The body temperature is raised with the help of therapy, the body is heated up and this goes on for around fifteen minutes. Now the Ayurvedic therapy is extended with bundles. There are various pressure points in the body where these bundles are applied as a chain of Elakizhi. Awareness to be paid during the whole procedure. Keeping the body temperature at an optimal temperature for the 46-degree centigrade is highly suggested.
These bundle bags can be fired frequently using the pan. Once the method comes to an end, the body should be covered with a sheet for about 25 minutes.

Elakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment Benefits:

Neurological disorders and Post-traumatic dysfunctions: It is not just the physical body that can aid from Elakizhi. Various neurological diseases like bipolar disorder and Down syndrome can benefit from Elakizhi. People feeling traumatic thoughts are brought into bliss because of Elakizhi Ayurvedic treatment.
Physical disorders: Elakizhi is done to develop several bone conditions like arthritis, spondylitis, Chronic back pain, both upper back, and lower back. Aside from these, Elakizhi is done to serve pains and injuries and other sports injuries. The pressure in the various sections of the body is delivered, the pressure is performed and stress is released. The muscles are relaxed and made to be limber with improved health.

Several benefits of Elakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment:

  1. Increases body strength
  2. Anti-ageing
  3. Refreshment
  4. Detoxification therapies
  5. Increases muscle strength.
  6. Increases blood flow.
  7. Reduces pain
  8. Reduces stress.

Elakizhi relieves sore muscles and joints and is useful in various types of arthritis, frozen shoulder, sports injuries and for all different spastic and inflammatory diseases, etc. It improves peripheral blood circulation, purifies the channels of circulation and expels toxins through the sweat. Follow and get aware of these the procedure of Elakizhi Ayurvedic treatment.

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