Beneficial Ayurvedic Skincare Remedies
Posted on August 30, 2021

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the human body? Skincare is a multi-million dollar industry with celebrity endorsements throughout the world. Companies everywhere are competing to develop new and improved products with as minimal side effects as possible. Their search is turning towards Ayurveda for Skincare. Since Ayurveda believes in using only natural ingredients for skin care, there are very limited adverse reactions. The benefits far outweigh the adverse effects. Read along to know about the beneficial Ayurvedic skincare remedies for many skin-related issues.

Ayurveda and Skin Care  

Ayurvedic skincare aims at benefits for the whole body when it comes to products because the skin has very important properties that should be safeguarded at all times. The Ayurvedic approach believes in pacifying the internal aggravating factors and addressing topical issues.

Following a natural four-step morning routine for your skincare can work wonders and rejuvenate the skin.

1. Wash using nut powder

Washing your face with almond powder removes dirt and toxins from the skin because it is both moisturizing and exfoliating and makes an ideal skin-care ingredient. Due to the presence of the fatty acids, all skin types could benefit from cleansing with almond powder. Depending on the skin type, certain mixtures can vary: 

Vata skin: Make a thin paste using 1/2 teaspoon of coconut milk or whole milk with 1 teaspoon of almond powder. Without scrubbing the skin, apply a thin layer over your face and gently massage before washing off with warm water.

Pitta skin: Along with 1/2 teaspoon of neem powder or Triphala powder, mix together 1 teaspoon of lentil flour in 1 teaspoon of water. After applying this paste to your face, wash it off with moderately cool water before it dries up.

Kapha skin: Apply the mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of honey to the skin and after leaving it on for 2 minutes wash off to get glowing skin.


2. Facial oil nourishment

Choosing a facial oil for nourishment is the next step. Medicated Oils are a hallmark of Ayurveda. They can be used by all skin types to regulate the body's own oil production, even people with acne could benefit from facial oil nourishment. Application of Sesame oils for Vata skin, coconut oil for Pitta skin, and sunflower oil for Kapha skin is recommended. For an all-over moisturized and glowy skin, oils like Jojoba and avocado oil are also beneficial.

3. Oil Massage

Abhyanga, a gentle face and neck massage is the third step in your routine. Massaging the skin even for just a few minutes a day can improve sleep, immune functions, and benefit skin circulation.

4. Sprinkle some rose water

In order to finish the routine, sprinkle the face with a spritz of rose water as it adds a final mist to the outer layers of dry skin. This creates an instant plumping effect that rejuvenates the skin. Rosewater is also has a therapeutic scent of love and freshness.

Ayurvedic Skincare Remedies

There are skincare remedies for almost all types of skin related problems in Ayurveda. A core philosophy in Ayurveda is that a healthy outside can be achieved only with a healthy inside. So what we consume can also have an effect on the skin. It is recommended to Include more turmeric and iron in your diet since turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help with scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other skin damage. That is the reason why turmeric is a kitchen favourite among dishes in Kerala. Also, iron deficiencies can lead to dry, itchy and prematurely ageing skin. Carrots and Beets are excellent sources of iron and need to be included in our diets.

Another reason for rough skin is the usage of harsh soaps and sulfates that aggravates the skin cells. Washing with harsh soaps using extremely cold water can have adverse effects that harm the skin. Based on the skin type, different soaps and the water temperature has to be used for skin care. Vata skin is usually thin and dry, so tepid water should be used and foaming soaps should be avoided when cleansing. Mild soap and cool water can be used more frequently for Pitta skin since they tend to be sensitive and congested. Kapha skin is usually oily and can benefit from periodic washing with warm water.

Since there are different types of skin problems, the approaches to treating them are also different. The commonly used skincare supplements in Ayurveda include Nalpamaradi Keram, Kumkumadi Oil, Nimbadi Kwath, Winsoria oil & Mahathikthakam Ghrita. Consult with Herbal treatment in Dubai for diagnosing the issue and suggesting a remedy that can remove the issue from its roots. Dr Jasnas Clinic in Dubai is a famous Ayurvedic clinic offering Kerala ayurvedic treatment in Dubai. They are adept at skincare routines and curing persistent skin issues faced by people of all ages.