Lack of Sleep Side Effects
Posted on May 12, 2023

Even if you eat and exercise well, lack of sleep can make everything futile. You have to get seven hours of sleep in order to function properly without feeling irritated. Sleep is one of the crucial routines when it comes to health but it often goes down the priority owing to lifestyle and entertainment. Read more to know about Lack of Sleep Side Effects. If you are struggling with insomnia or an inadequate amount of sleep, contact Dr Jasnas Clinic, an ayurvedic centre in Dubai that can get you suited treatments and therapy to get you effective sound sleep. 

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep can drain your mental abilities to function well and put your physical health at stake. It is said that not getting enough sleep is connected to various health issues from gaining extra weight and weakening of the immune system. 

Slows You Down

Sleep plays a major role in the process of learning and thinking. Lack of sleep can badly impact these cognitive processes. Firstly it will impair attention, reasoning skills, concentration, and problem-solving mentality. It makes the whole process really slow. Secondly, during nighttime, it is responsible for consolidating certain memories in mind. So when you skip sleep or do not get enough sleep you won’t remember what you learned as well as experienced throughout the day. 

Invites Diseases

Chronic sleep and disorders can get your health at stake. Some of the serious problems include heart attack, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and other issues like depression, irregular functioning of the immune system, obesity, and even low sex drive. If you still work without an adequate amount of sleep, you may see serious and long-term health issues creeping into your life. It is always better to keep a sleep schedule so that you don’t have to struggle with the timings of sleep. Consult with our experts in Ayurveda in Dubai to find solutions for your sleep issues. 

Sleepiness Makes You Bleak

If you don’t get enough sleep it may lead to various symptoms of depression. In a poll related to Sleep conducted in America in 2005 people who have anxiety or depression are sleeping less than six hours at night. Depression is closely linked to sleep deprivation also known as insomnia. So those who have insomnia are likely to be depressed. On the positive side, treating sleep problems can reduce the effects of depression and related problems. 

Increase the Risk of Death

Good sleep is a sign of better health. Sleeplessness as said before, can invite many diseases and can double the risk of death. In addition, sleep deprivation holds more possibilities of stroke and other heart diseases. 

Promotes Ageing of the Skin

Have you ever woke up with puffy eyes and sallow skin owing to lack of sleep? A few nights of missed sleep can reward you with nothing but adversity of certain conditions. Chronic sleep can result in fine lines, dark circles under the eyes, and lacklustre sleep. So when you don’t get your beauty sleep, the body will give out more stress hormones that are cortisol which can make a terrible impact on your skin. If it keeps up like this further, excess amounts of cortisol can do breakdowns on skin collagen which is a protein that maintains the elastic and smooth properties of the skin. Moreover, the body releases only little amount of growth hormone which is the main factor for many of the functioning in the body. Growth hormone is essential to enhance the mass of the muscle and boost the strength of bones.  

Brings an Irritating Mood Throughout the Day

Sleep deprivation can affect sudden changes in moods. Mood can be terrible you feel anger, aggression, and irritation, and often feel emotional outbursts as a result.  It is said that lack of sleep can worsen the effects of preexisting disorders on moods like anxiety and depression. 

Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

It is a progressive condition of the brain that damage the capacity to think and store memory. Alzheimer’s disease is created owing to the accumulation of beta-amyloid proteins in the brain. They clump together to create deposits known as plaques which disrupt the signaling of nerves in the brain which in turn destroy the brain cells. It is also found that sleep deprivation enhances the levels of beta-amyloid in the brain. 

Encourage Weight Gain

Lack of sleep can be related to other problems such as increased appetite which can result in obesity. People with fewer hours of sleep tend to be more obese than people who have slept seven to nine hours. You may also have cravings for high-carbohydrate and fat foods. 

To conclude, A poor night's sleep can invite short and long-term diseases that can take a toll on your life. You will no longer feel the brightness of the day, instead, days get tired and irritable. Moreover, not getting adequate sleep can also badly affect health, well-being, and the ability to perform daily tasks. It can also affect the immune system which can increase high risks of cardiovascular diseases and other adverse conditions. Sleep, depression, and other mind-related problems are closely linked to each other. In simple words, it means that lack of sleep can sabotage everything you do for the well-being of yourself. You can get effective ayurvedic treatment in Dubai to get effectual results. 


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