Effective Natural Tips for Healthy Sugar Management
Posted on April 30, 2019

Effective Natural Tips for Healthy Sugar Management:
Add these following ingredients and herbs to your diet
• Bitter Ground: With blood glucose-lowering property, bitter melon considered to help relieve high blood sugar level conditions. Additionally, it impacts glucose metabolism and helps increase hormonal secretion. Moreover, it restricts hormonal resistance, thus it is beneficial for both type 1 and type 2 diseases.

• Cinnamon: With a hormonal stimulating activity, Cinnamon has proven to be a very important ingredient in normal blood sugar management. Additionally, it is beneficial mostly on the type 2 disease as it efficiently breaks down the glucose and utilizes it into energy.

• Gooseberry: It has been suggested in Ayurvedic studies that Vitamin C is not only great for skin and hair but also exert beneficial effects in blood sugar level management. Additionally, it may contain polyphenol, which has the ability to protect your body from high sugar level oxidative properties.

• Fenugreek: It is considered that Fenugreek seeds are a great source of soluble fiber, which is beneficial to control normal blood sugar levels. It also slows down the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates. It improves the glucose tolerance level and lowers down the fasting sugar.

Habitual Changes:
• Regular Exercise: Performing regular exercise can help you lose weight and increases insulin sensitivity. Additionally, after the exercise, the muscles use blood sugar for energy and muscle contraction. However, adequate weight loss may reduce the chances of high blood sugar levels.

• Reduce Stress Level: High amount of stress level is always harmful to your health. Additionally, the Glucagon and cortisol stress hormones increase the overall blood sugar level. However, it has been shown that mediation, yoga, regular exercise, following your passion can reduce the amount of stress in daily life.
• Get Enough Sleep: Irregular and poor sleeping habits can affect the blood sugar level and hormonal sensitivity. It can also increase appetite and thus aids in weight gain. However, this situation can directly lead to blood sugar management.

• Keep Check on Regular Blood Sugar Level Checking: Regular management and monitoring of blood sugar levels will help you maintain it even more effectively. You can also try various methods, can follow different diets, and can observe how these things are working for your body.


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