Treat lifestyle problems through Ayurveda
Posted on June 08, 2021

Ayurveda is highly revered throughout the world because, unlike conventional therapies, it helps us to rectify our lifestyle to attain a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda was officially recognised by WHO (World Health Organization) in 1976 and has seen tremendous acceptance across the world since then. It blends our modern lifestyle and health-oriented habits with the ancient practice of using only natural substances, medicines and herbs to ensure a disease-free life.

Lifestyle disorder is a broad term used to categorize diseases that arise due to our unhealthy and stress-filled lifestyle. These include Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Insomnia, liver cirrhosis, PCOD etc. Unfortunately, these are the major causes of deaths as well in the world. The worst part is that people seldom care about their lifestyle until it's too late and irrevocable damages have already been done. Annual full body check-up is recommended for everybody above the age of 28 to spot early signs of deteriorating health and start treatment in time. Since Ayurveda deals with the root cause and suggests ways to improve the overall lifestyle, the whole world has started promoting the benefits of Ayurveda. There are numerous Ayurvedic treatment centers in Dubai that offer complete check-up plans for early detection.

Ayurveda provides a holistic approach in the form of proper lifestyle choices, dietary management, advice, rejuvenation therapies, complete detoxification-Panchakarma and bio-purification procedures. The holistic approach of Ayurveda involves treating the patient as a whole with a focus on physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being, making this science a worthy alternative of western medicines in treating lifestyle disorders. The Ayurvedic approach at changing the lifestyle involves many beneficial habits which can help to maintain the balance in our doshas. Below mentioned are few changes that can help with lifestyle changes.

  • Early to Rise: Waking up early is beneficial for our body in numerous ways. The morning fresh air is usually unpolluted and rich in oxygen. Breathing fresh air in the morning helps to invigorate the mind and lungs. Also waking up early will give ample time to prepare a schedule for the day's activities. Jogging in the morning can also help to expand lung capacity.


  • Balanced diet: Ayurveda encourages eating whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. This can benefit your health greatly, as these foods are rich in many essential nutrients. Also, avoid oily food and fast food as much as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a part of daily consumption. Avoid refined and processed food and eat homemade meals. Having a light dinner promotes better digestion. Honey dissolved in water is good for removing toxins from the body. Having a glass of honey mixed in water in the morning is recommended by experts. Many Ayurvedic treatments in Dubai provide a detailed chart of foods that should and should not be consumed during different stages of life and climate.


  • Bowel movements: Ensure regular and consistent bowel movements for getting rid of the waste accumulated in the intestines. The more they stay, the more harmful they become to the body. Holding in the urge for nature’s call is the worst thing you can do to your lower body muscles. A healthy intestine is a sign of a healthy body. Also, don't forget to regularly drink water (at least 2L every day). Staying hydrated is vital for a healthy mind and body.


  • Walk or Jog: With easy access to transportation, people often skip the effort taken to walk daily. It is recommended to walk at least 45 minutes per day. It may not necessarily be for exercise alone, but going to a nearby store on foot or occasionally skipping the lift and taking the stairs should be normalized. Regular exercise promotes better blood flow and digestion.


  • Massage with Oil: Oil massages help in delaying wrinkles and other ageing damage to the skin. Oil massage in the morning will give a healthy-looking complexion to your skin and also nurtures your mind and body. Many of the detoxification procedures in Ayurveda involve oil massages with medicated herbs.


  • Meditation: Just like the body, the mind also needs to relax in order for a healthy lifestyle. Meditation allows you to slow down brain activity and strengthen your inner core. Also spending time just with yourself is important to process many suppressed feelings. Bond with nature by taking up gardening or spend time with a pet to release happiness hormones like Oxytocin.


  • 8-hour sleep: The body needs time to recharge in order to function properly. Having at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily is not a luxury but a necessity. Improper sleep leads to many disorders including indigestion, migraine, fatigue, memory loss etc. As adults, we preach to the children about the importance of 8 hours of sleep but seldom practice ourselves. Taking a bath in warm water and drinking a glass of milk before bedtime helps in peaceful sleep.


Ayurveda has become very famous throughout the world and even a few Ayurvedic treatment centers in Dubai have also started providing extensive purification programs. Famous among them is Dr Jasna’s Ayurvedic Clinic LLC, situated in Al Mamzar Dubai. They provide traditional Ayurvedic healing therapies in a comfortable holistic and natural environment. With highly qualified and experienced staff members, Dr Jasna’s Ayurvedic Clinic is highly recommended in the field of Ayurveda.