Strengthen Your Child's Second Brain, the Ayurveda way
Posted on May 26, 2022

Childhood is the best phase in everyone's life as they show great eagerness to learn and experience new lessons in life. As a parent, we should present a key responsibility to mold a child's brain health and immunity like a pottery vessel whom you can shape in any way you like. The role of Ayurveda in Child Care has a unique benefit to strengthen your child's second brain to enhance cognitive function and thus improve the memory of the child. The customized Ayurveda principles taught to improve sufficient sleep for better brain health, eating nutritious food for nourishing brain tissues that may help to improve good gut functioning in the Ayurveda way. So read along to know how to Strengthen Your Child's Second  Brain, the Ayurveda way


 The herbal experiment helps for a better soothing effect for both mind and body to get relief from childhood anxiety, stress, and tension. The holistic approach of Ayurveda recommends better lifestyle changes to strengthen healthy brain and gut function and memory in children.


If you notice your child is experiencing frequent forgetfulness and a problem with digestion, seek Ayurvedic doctor consultation to strengthen the nervous system to enhance brain power.


The Importance of Good Gut Health in Children in an Ayurveda Way


Good Gut health in children makes your little one mentally and physically strong by reducing the risk for illness and disease. The functionality of good gut health aids in better digestion, nutrient absorption, and adequate waste removal. Good diet patterns such as eating too many leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains may encourage children to enhance Agni or digestive fire.


The principles of Ayurveda have strict rules for the betterment of gut health including what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, combinations to avoid, who can eat what, and so on. A disciplined dietary routine that includes honey, milk, ghee, fruits, vegetables, millets, protein-rich, calcium-rich foods along with an active lifestyle can achieve better gut health with immunity. This may promote surplus health benefits which may actively do the perfect job of symbiotic gut bacteria to improve digestive health. Following the Ayurveda diet norms may allow your child to improve gut health naturally. However, Parents should be responsible to teach supportive lifestyle choices to encourage blood circulation, balanced energy levels, and adequate nutrient flow to keep your gut health strong.


Top 5 Ayurvedic Ways to Boost Your Child's Gut Health


Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine considered good digestion or good gut health as the foundation of good overall health. Here are some top Ayurveda Tips for Children for easy digestion and absorption of nutrients in the food.

  • Eat freshly prepared organic and seasonal food in the right quantity. Consume another meal when the previous meal has been well digested.

  • Avoid the combination of contradictory potency foodstuff which is considered a prime concern for serious health problems.

  • Focus on whole foodstuffs, incredibly unprocessed ones to offer balanced nutrition.

  • Avoid processed and oily food that creates dullness in the mind.

  • Drink hot water (not too hot) frequently throughout the day


Apart from the food we intake, healthy preparation and serving of food are closely connected with the health of the good gut. Practice mindful eating by omitting to multitask which may affect one's digestion and gut health. Follow a regular food intake routine to organize your kid's sleep, wake cycle, digestion, and immunity. Skipping timely meals is not recommended as the proper metabolism may get distressed. Be mindful of proper hydration as drinking plenty of water helps to prevent infections and deliver proper nutrients to cells.


Follow Ayurveda dietary guidelines by limiting heavy food, oil, sweet, sour, and salty foods. Active lifestyle along with an Ayurveda diet for your children improves daily activities, digestion, sleep, and boosts energy.


Role of Ayurveda in Child Care


Every parent wished to have their child lead a disease-resistant and active lifestyle. Ayurveda encourages a child's immune system and helps to make their academics excellent. Ayurveda principle holds a healthy routine for your child for obtaining sufficient growth and acquiring definite development milestones.

Ayurveda focuses on boosting the immunity of a child as your toddler is always catching a cough or falling sick due to seasonal variations. As a parent, you should be taught your children the importance of Ayurveda to improve your child's gut health and immunity from the early period of life. Practice your child to formulate a healthy lifestyle and consume a nutritious diet to achieve proper immunity boosting.

Ayurveda for a child's health offers the best foot forward to obtain optimum health by correcting all the imbalances affected to the body of your child. Ayurveda finds a natural solution to set a lifelong path to achieve better health throughout life.


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